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About Alicia Adanna

Alicia Adanna native of San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago, raised in Philadelphia Pa, is a self-taught abstract painter, abstract photographer and poet.

Learning most of her painting techniques through her love of color and experimentation she finds the most of her inspiration through raw emotion, feeling the energy conveyed in each piece.

Her style of photography captures rare shots and manipulates the photos into what she likes to call Abstratography - abstract form of photography, resulting in energetic prints unique to her style.

Her poetry speaks truth, and is a reflection of her positive state of mind. Through her Positive Mind = Peace of Mind poetry, she creates short positive poems, using styles such as Haiku's and Tankas

Alicia also finds time to educate the youth on what she knows about art, and how abstract art guides children to be more positively expressive. She assists and supports the youth in creating unique abstract projects based on self awareness, self expression and positive living, while learning about basic color theory and diverse abstract forms.